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Mt. Baldy Silent Retreat


Mount Baldy Zen Center
7901 Mt Baldy Rd 91759 Pomona United States
As requested by many community memebers, Open Door is hosting a "Silent Retreat" at Mt. Baldy Zen Center.

Why attend a Silent Retreat?

Retreat silence has many benefits. Because social conversation keeps the mind active, periods of not talking help the mind rest. Silence settles the many emotions that are activated by talking, listening, and even in the anticipation of talking. As our mental and emotional lives calm down, our bodies relax.

Silence allows for a heightened sense of intimacy with the world. In sustained silence our senses become more acute, and both the inner and outer world can appear to us with greater clarity. For example, we may begin to notice the birdsong we previously failed to hear, or we may tune in to our quieter thoughts, which normally get drowned out.

For most people, the silence of a retreat creates a space in which they can see themselves more clearly. Rather than being actively distracted by work, relationships, the internet, music, or various external events, they have an opportunity to notice overlooked feelings and concerns. The sustained periods of silence give people a chance to observe the subtle, important motivations and values behind how they live. ~Gil Fronsdale


Cabin Sleeping (beds & bedding)
All meals
Meditation Training
Dharma Talks
Yoga Classes
Community Games
One-on-One Meeting with Master Teacher
(break silence to chat about your experience)

Master Teachers
Melanie Yetter
Open Door's Founder and Guiding Teacher

Gina Decker
Open Door's Master Yoga Teacher

Retreat Cost: $215 per person
Pre-registration is required. We have limited space and high demand; please register asap to hold your spot.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a "Silent Retreat" and take a break from all the business of our daily lives. Now is the time to learn to become "Your Own Best Friend"...